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About us

Welcome to the website of Adamek Woodwork Since 1968, we have produced the construction woodwork, primarily wooden doors and windows. Our production plant is constantly growing, we have complete and modern equipped production line. We guarantee that our products meet the highest European standards, the hold the the quality label - CE. For this reason, we reach the customers throughout Europe and all materials used in the production process come from the reputable companies. Normally, we use pine, oak and mahogany, but we can use other species at the request.

We invite the construction companies, public institutions, and in particular individual customers to cooperate with us.


A wide range of the offer of Adamek Woodwork provides a wide range of products related to the construction woodwork. The customers, who want to benefit from it, are provided with the comprehensive services - we provide: measurement, delivery, assembly and disassembly of the old woodwork. All our products are made of natural wood (pine, spruce, fir, oak, ash and others). We apply the latest production technology, we offer multiple profiles, from classic to modern. We have extensive experience in the field of restoration of woodwork in the religious buildings and the monuments. For 50 years, we have assured that our production is at the highest level. Due to the positive opinions of our customers, we know that we are able to achieve this goal. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Why is it worth to choose our company?

It is worth to benefit from our nearly 50-year experience, which allows us to perform every order successfully for both parties. The production process involves only the best parts - from carefully selected wood, professional lacquers, gaskets and hardware systems to the finishing accessories. Due to many-year cooperation with our suppliers, we are able to offer branded accessories at attractive prices.

Our basic products include:

External and internal doors - standard, antique (all types), and according to the individual design.

Patio doors: sliding, low threshold, folding.

Wooden windows: classic, standard with 68 mm profile, passive (energy-saving), vintage (all types), Scandinavian, triangular, round, with aluminium cladding and many other.

Delivery time depends on the order, please ask questions by the Contact section.

Material - our products are made of solid wood, seasoned and then dried in a special chamber.

Finishes - we use only the best products, mainly from German producers.

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